Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 21 (8/14/2011): Line Dry Rye by Oakshire Brewing

This guy is Oakshire Brewing's summer seasonal. From the horse's mouth:

"Line Dry Rye is a honey-orange colored pale ale. It is crafted with 10% rye malt and 10% flaked rye for a complex malt profile. American hops give Line Dry a crisp bitterness and a slight citrusy flavor. Clean and refreshing , it ends with just a small note of blackberry honey in the finish that brings all of the elements together.The name ‘Line Dry’ was chosen as the perfect fit for summer in the Willamette Valley. With only a small window of opportunity to practice this energy saving practice, we think it is time you sit back with a pint of Line Dry Rye and watch the clothes dry!"

It pours a hazy pale gold with a tiny, fizzy head that disappears pretty much immediately. Even without the head, though, it leaves pretty good lacing as you drink it.

Surprisingly, I don't get much, if any, rye on the nose. There is a malty bread-like smell that leads me to believe this is going to be a sweet one.

The taste is sweet, but not overly show. The rye that was absent in the nose shows up here, lending a moderate bit of spiciness that counteracts the sweetness. The fruitiness of the hops combines with the sweetness for a great refreshing combination. There is a slight hoppy finish, but it is not too noticeable.

The body of this is somewhat heavy, which is strange for a summer beer or any beer of this style. There is medium carbonation; just enough to mix with the spicy earthiness of the rye to deliver a slight jab to the tongue.

Overall I think this is a great summer beer. If I had it available here, I'd prefer this to Oberon or pretty much any summer seasonal any day of the week. I could go for a little more rye based on my personal preference on the nose and a little lighter body for those hot outdoor days, but there's not a whole lot to complain about here. It's not going to blow you away, but it is a  solid choice. I give Line Dry Rye by Oakshire Brewing a B+.

Style: Rye Beer
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 35
Beer Advocate: B-
Ratebeer: 59/58

Acquired from a generous BA in Oregon. I don't think this one gets out these ways at all, so you'll have to get it the same way I did: from someone who gets distribution.

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