Friday, July 8, 2011

So, what's the deal?

Hey folks.

If you're reading this, you probably know me, read my other blog, like beer, or some combination of the three. I'm starting this blog for a few reasons, none of which is that the internet needs another beer blog. God knows we have enough of those already (see links on sidebar for great examples).

I'm starting this blog because:

a) the beer posts were starting to clog up A Boy and His Books and draw away from the primary purpose of that blog.

b) as I've dove deeply into the craft beer world, I've tried so many great beers that I would never had been able to try without the kindness and generosity of some wonderful people. At the same time, though, I feel like I have self-directed myself towards styles, breweries, and specific beers that I know I like while ignoring those styles, breweries, and specific beers that I have either never heard of or are uncertain about trying out.

c.) in my opinion, the best part about the beer drinking experience is sharing. Whether it's sharing your first homebrew, an extremely rare bottle, or just a usual suspect with your friends, drinking beer should be a social experience. With that in mind, I'd like to share with you what I think about a specific beer. You may agree with me or not, but at least you will know where I stand and why. In the spirit of sharing, if anyone would every like to join me for a tasting or a joint review, I'd be ecstatic about it. Just contact me and we'll set something up.

So, I suppose the big question is "what does this blog entail?" The goal here is to taste and document a different beer that I have never tried before every single day. How long will I be able to do this every day? Who knows; maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe a year. What beers will I be drinking? Pretty much anything I can get my hands on that I've never tried before. Some will be local, some won't be distributed here, some you'll be able to skip down to Kroger and buy a sixer of, and some might be exclusively on tap. That's the fun of it: there are so many beers available to the average consumer that there's really no reason to run out of material.

As for the reviewing criteria, see the bar above, but in short, it will be a combination of the beer meeting the brewer's intent and what I think of the beer subjectively. I really like imperial IPAs and I do not care for pretty much any lagers, so the scores for a pretty decent IIPA will probably be on par with a perfectly crafted lager. Just keep that in mind when looking at the grades.

That's the general concept of the blog. I'm sure it will, like pretty much all other blogs, evolve and change over time. If anyone has any questions or comments in the meantime, feel free to contact me via Facebook or Twitter. I think I'll be starting sometime in the near future, so follow on Twitter, 'Like' on Facebook, subscribe to the RSS and keep an eye out for reviews!

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